Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?

No! We will teach you simple techniques to loosen up, regardless of your level of flexibility. Most of the poses we do are very accessible to beginners.

Is it okay if I’m an older vet?

Absolutely. Many of our vets are Vietnam-era. We also have a regular student who served during World War II.

Can yoga help with my PTSD?

Yes. Many vets experience relief from PTSD, depression, anger, anxiety, and other service-related conditions after a yoga session.

How much is the class?

It is FREE! Veterans also receive discounts on all other classes and workshops at Integral Yoga Institute. Other classes (except for prenatal/postpartum) are $10; vets get $8 off workshops and $14 off courses; the bookstore discount is 20%. If you cannot afford the cost of discounted classes, ask reception to contact us so that we can assist.

Can I bring my spouse?

Yes! Spouses, partners, close friends, family members, veterans service providers and VA employees can also attend free of charge. If you are not a veteran, just let reception know if you are a guest or service provider.

Can I participate if I have injuries?

Definitely. We have learned to adjust students and modify poses because of our own challenges. Please come to class 15 minutes early to talk to us about any injuries, challenges, or chronic conditions, so that we can help make you more comfortable during class.

I can’t make it on Wednesday evenings. Is there another free yoga class I can go to?

We will post information about other free yoga and meditation classes for vets in NYC on the Schedule and Links pages.

Do you teach elsewhere?

We can teach private lessons or group classes. We will tailor the class to suit the specific needs and capabilities of the student. We are also happy to teach vets at retreats or other gatherings.

If I am seriously disabled, can I still do yoga?

If you are skeptical about doing anything physical, we would recommend consulting with your physician and then calling us to discuss your particular situation.

Despite our physical limitations, we can experience enormous health benefits, including relief from pain and stress, from the other elements of yoga: learning to regulate our breathing, quiet our thoughts, focus our minds and relax. If you are recovering from a wound or injury, you can still practice meditation, breathing, visualization and deep relaxation techniques, all of which are extremely powerful tools for healing and stress relief. These techniques can be done without moving, just sitting on a chair or even lying down.

What is restorative/therapeutic yoga?

Restorative/therapeutic yoga poses do not require you to do any physical work. We will place you in specific poses using large bolsters, pillows or blankets, and allow you to relax and unwind. Deep healing to the nervous system occurs in these poses. Restorative/therapeutic yoga can be done post-op, and is accessible for people with all sorts of debilitating injuries. However, please consult your physician if you have any doubts or concerns about what your body can do, especially after an injury or operation.